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Softlinks are sort of implemented (using Windows-side .lnk files. These are supported by nearly all Windows applications so it makes sense)
Hardlinks are not supported.

Amiga links are too weird compared to "normal" non-Amiga system soft/hard links. (Would need separate database file or something to store them)

Does some Amiga program really need hardlinks?

Amiga specific filesystem flags, comments and Windows illegal filenames are supported (and stored to file/dir's alternate data stream)

Everything else should be implemented and supported. Technically it is more or less same as real hardware network file system, it does not run on top of Amiga block device, direct mapping between file size and used/free space is not possible and so on.

It also uses very little Amiga-side memory compared to "normal" Amiga filesystems. (=Always use matching HD controller and filesystem if you want to match real hardware)
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