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Originally Posted by ADz View Post
I don't think he is being a drama queen. If anything it was you who was. You cant just put a topic here and then want everybody to like design. Obviously some people are going to give honest/negative views.

You put this topic here, I'm assuming for opinions and feedback on a prototype. Then when people give you their opinion you jump down their throat, throw a hissy and tell them not to buy it!?

You should learn to take feedback in a positive way not just think people are being personal. Nobody was having a crak, we were simply giving you constructive feedback on design.

I just honestly think that majority of people will see this as too bulky and doesn't look right sitting on top of system like that. Goteks boards are quite small and I just don't see point in making a large case like that.

As mentioned before a much better option (IMO) would be either..

1. A new faceplate for Gotek/Amiga floppy drive section
2. A replacement Amiga style case for the drive so can look like an external Amiga drive.
3. A smaller/more compact version of what you have in the OP.

Now if you have already finalized this and going to production then good luck on your product.
What's this? Can't the guy stick up for himself? Are you his dad or something?

Thanks for your opinions.

What's an OP?
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