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I'm a heavy Emacs user myself (...for everything, its not a text editor its a runtime for a single user LISP machine)

Anyway, the ancient port of Emacs20.3 has a true AmigaOS Intuition UI and comes with all the stuff you would expect from that era. Which means a million things you expect for granted are missing.

I do use Emacs20.3 on Amiga from time to time and its fine, installing it is rather easy if you have a proper ixemul/Geekgadgets setup (unix userland for AmigaOS, think cygwin/msys style)

Start out with this package and work from there:

Porting a later Emacs back to AmigaOS would be quite a undertaking, the old 68k ports need to do some magic with the magic of the elisp memory management to work.

A more fun exercise might be porting muemacs or mg and amiga-fy it.

CygnusEd? If you come from Unix/Emacs world its not going to make you happy, at all. Amiga editors are all rather inflexible and simple.
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