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PCIe pass-through for RadeonHD series?

This is a question for Master Wilen - I was wondering about the 3D support in OS4.1FE.

Since making a RadeonHD card emulator is utterly unfeasible, what would be the odds of being able to do some sort of PCIe pass-through (like QEMU does) and just dedicate an entire RadeonHD (or maybe non-emulated PCI cards as well, like the Voodoo 3 or the Radeon 9250) to WinUAE, letting the emulated Amiga able to do whatever it needs to do with it?

I remember reading ages ago some really old WinUAE docs about doing PCI passthrough with S3 Virge/Trio cards, to use CGX with it. So maybe there's already some kind of support for this feature? The file in question was called README.PCI.

Just an idea, don't shoot me, Toni

Thanks for all your hard work on WinUAE
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