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Originally Posted by jotd View Post
BTW I've zoned cd32load v0.34. not much happening there but a few fixes
- improved: if HD mode, detect used filesystem & block size. Exits if blocksize isn't 512 and filesystem is exotic like PFS, SFS
(not perfect as it doesn't detect FFS mounted through uaehf.device yet)
It's been a while I worked on my CD32 setup. But on to it now again. In my memory I did prepare my setup in WinUAE and used plain Windows folders as HDD partitions from which I succesfully ran CD32Load. Now with this check in the newer verson I can't do that anymore

On the other hand, it could have been from my Amiga partitions on my CF mounted in WinUAE.

Still if there would be a debug option to ignore this check, that would be great. (If it makes sense at all)
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