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Thanks for the encouragment guys! You know what's funny? Almost 2 days ago I was reviewing the whole project again. Mainly because finally, after all those years, we have an actual virtual engine which allows for light rpg elements (like dialogue, texts, events, interactivity e.t.c.) to work with.

Now, I don't want to get your hopes high. I really have my hands full as there are a lot of super amazing Pixelglass projects in the works that are waiting just around the corner to be officially announced. But there's still hope for this project (or anyway a spiritual successor to the general idea).

Originally Posted by NeoHippie2016 View Post
I love this work, and played with a bright smile on my face. This game has a depressing atmosphere with a subliminal threat...
The main culprit for that is Nooly's brilliant, eerie musical score more than anything. What I realised some time ago was that the gfx, in all their cheesiness, don't really fit the narrative and sense of dread I wanted to establish.

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