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Earok's minor hacks

In the zone, ADF (Crack: defjam, AGA fix: CRX) and WHDLoad disk image.

So basically:
- Joystick is set by default (making it more suitable for CD32 compilations etc).
- Joystick is set by default to high sensitivity.
- Second button can be used to accelerate. Up still works for accelerate as well, and fire button is still for nitro.

I'm a little bit embarrassed about this one for a couple of reasons. The first is that (excluding the ADF version) it really should have been done as custom options on a WHDLoad slave.

The second is, I couldn't find a clean place to put the patch, so I ended up overwriting the text instructions for the cheat menu. The cheat menu is a bit hard to get to regardless, and it still seems to work just fine (so long as you know what to do on that screen - use number pad to write in new co-efficients for corners. Thanks to ransom for confirming)

So, yeah, this is a quick and dirty project. In any case, I could apply the patch to other ADFs if wanted (I couldn't see an ADF that was both AGA fixed and trained, but if there is one it may be worth applying it there).
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