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Floppy disk

Originally Posted by Subzero View Post
....nearly after 26yrs...

Some Amiga stuff has been put out of the cellar cave,
4x Amiga 500, 1x A2000 , 1x A1000
Thousands of Disks with nearly all Releases,
Group stuff (source codes) ...Backup'd.
2 BBS Backups found inbetween, (NuclearAssault SR/SSR EHQ/Germany)

Some Game Source Codes from the Company i have worked for
(expect some new stuff sooner or later, maybe "Sidmon 3!".
as i do have the SourceCodes of 1 and 2 )
and also lots of Supra Stuff, like
TurboCard/Supra (28MHZ), couple of SupraHardDrives (Full with everything ) ... and a lot more crazy things ... like
SuperWildCard ( snes copy station) plus lots of Disk full with games...
Tools.Sources and some Unreleased Stuff will be Released sooner or later...
stay tuned...
Pic's are here
Did he upload something to "EAB File Server"?
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