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He, he

You know, I have a feeling that this prototype went largely unnoticed. I suspect that the "Backbone made" stamp has surely a lot to do with this. Perhaps it's for the best as performance ain't that good and of course all the in-game shooting action is severely crippled (compared to the real deal) and reeks of 'Backbone' though I did my best to mask this up.

At least I had the opportunity to flesh out the basics and most notably the rpg and storytelling aspect of the game as well as some of the presentation and the overall tone of the adventure. A plus to this was the semi non-linear level design with it's fair share of secrets and loads of interactions involved.

Even for this small teaser, Backbone kinda reached it's limitations with more than 1500 frames of animation, 50+ pis of text, menu stuff and intros, 100 events per stage (max it can get), 800 blocks per tileset for each map e.t.c.

Not bad huh?
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