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Thanks for your feedback!

Yes, the game is quite difficult. But if you play it a couple of times, you can easily beat level 1 without losing a life. Level 5 in the demo might not be beatable at all, since you get there without playing levels 2-4 and not having collected enough credits to buy a better ship or powerful weapons.

Anyway, the ship's gun is quite weak because the game is centered around buying extra weapons. The gun can be upgraded in-game by collecting a power-up bonus item (the one with the pulsating light). Picking up one will make the gun 50% stronger, picking up a second one will double its power. Whenever your ship is destroyed, you lose one power-up. So you really need to buy extra weapons to survive.

As for the smart bombs, there was no concept for this. I made it so that you start with one and get an additional one after each level. No idea how this was originally meant to be. Maybe I can use some of the unused graphics and create a bonus item out of it so that smart bombs can be picked up in-game.
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