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Originally Posted by thomas View Post
No, Multiview needs WB 3.0 or higher (version 39 or above).
Okay thanks - so, drawing conclusions.

Best way to search for files on WB is by using the Shell/CLI and typing:

search DH(n): all file (name)

For printing a directory text file, enter the following in Shell/CLI

cd ram: (redirecting to the RAM disk ideal as it wipes when rebooted and is not the reason behind the experienced error messages)

list dh(n): all >ram:dir.txt (to create txt file of (n) drive in the RAM disk folder)

ed dir.txt (WB2+) multiview dir.txt (WB3+) - to view the created file.

That said, in our case somebody has renamed the AmigaGuide program into multiview, so this command can be used on our version of WB2.1 (pic 3 of post 16)

Further questions regarding our HD will be started on a new thread.

Thanks to everyone for their help
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