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Question Drives look near full but not quiet (we think)

Originally Posted by thomas View Post
Obviously somebody has renamed the AmigaGuide program into Multiview. The original Multiview does not have these buttons (Contents, Index, Help etc.) when viewing text files. It only shows them for guide files.
Hi Thomas - Someone has renamed the AmigaGuide program into Multiview? That's a bit over our head, sorry .

Are we correct in saying that we can use the multiview.dir command on our version 38 of workbench to view our created dir.txt file?

As for our previous error messages, a lack of disk space rather than RAM would make more sense as we have a 4MB Fast Ram expansion board, which should be sufficient for those requested tasks.

Even though we are using an internal 4GB CF, the previous owner has installed thousands of WHDLoad games which can be found in the DH2 and even our DH1 (work) folder.

Thanks again for the help

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