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Originally Posted by liquidsmoke View Post
create an ADF of my old amiga data disks on my a1200

plug gotek into amiga
transfer adfs to the gotek
OK, so you can't transfer direct to the USB stick of the Gotek drive on the Amiga.

You can 'copy' the ADF file to a 'blank' ADF file on the Gotek using something like TSGui, but this will be bit cumbersome and slow for more than 1 file.

I would suggest you use a CF card in the PCMCIA slot to transfer the ADF files on to a PC/Mac and copy the ADF files to the USB stick from there.

Alternatively, have a look at the Greaseweazle project by Keir Fraser - the same author as for FlashFloppy (used on the Gotek) and Amiga Test Kit. This allows you to use a low cost PC floppy drive connected to your PC/Mac/Linux machine (via a low cost Blue Pill STM32 board) and you can read your Amiga disks from there, and then convert to ADF to be used on the Gotek. For bulk processing of floppy disks, this might be a better option.

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