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Issues with WHDLoad install of Oscar AGA (gamebreaking-bug)

This game seems to be working and all on the surface, but the game is in my experience broken as soon as you play the first stage of the War Level.

You start on the far left of the level, and have to progress through the water that's below you and under-water smash a breakable wall with a jojo-item to progress any further.

The problem is that the underwater wall is indestructible on the WHDLoad version of Oscar AGA, so there's no way to progress any further on the War Level.

In the disk version of this game, the wall breaks and all the water in this section disappears under the ground, leaving an opening for you to progress further in this level.

Strangely, I haven't found any topic on the web mentioning this issue; it seems like this game may have not been playtested thoroughly enough after the WHDLoad config was made (or that somethings wrong with my install).
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