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Originally Posted by kurbeco View Post

I need to look into what Amiga Forever actually is, lots of talk of emulators in a quick look. Looks to have all I need though. Windows keeps coming up.. do I need that, it's not I really use (I hack about with Linux for my day job)
Can I boot WB 3.1.4 with the ROM I have? Someone mentioned (on twitter) that 3.1.4 has issues with Furia, but not backed that up.
Amigaforever is mainly for windows users.But contain legal roms and workbench disks the linux version is fs-uae

Just remember to point fsuae to the folder where the disks and roms are

The disks when you buy the plus pack are adf meaning they work on the gotek

The roms are need for whdload and emulators only not real hardware

Can I boot WB 3.1.4 with the ROM I have?

Not so sure but when it comes to the accelerator look up maprom function

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