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Originally Posted by turrican9 View Post
Hey there. In my config I try to keep the correct aspect ratio and overscan area. So most games will not fill the screen. This is similar to how it would show if you connected your Amiga to a TV/monitor via RGB. Games like Pinball Dreams will fill most of the screen because it uses the overscan area.

If you want your games to fill the entire screen you would need to use a 640x512 resolution and tweak it. But many games which uses the overscan areas would not show correctly then.

I have attached pictures of my settings. I have a 50Hz profile because my screen can handle 50Hz. I had to make a custom 720x576 resolution by going into VGA modes to get the correct PAL setup. Aspect ratio, how games fill the screen and everything looks almost identical to how it looks if I connect my BenQ BL 702As and BL 912 directly to RGB. I have my picture in games shifted a bit to the right because I had some issues with some games unless I did this. Other than that my profile would look identical to a PAL Amiga connected directly VIA RGB. The way a PAL Amiga originally will show it's picture.

Edit: I run my workbench in PAL-Interlaced and am using the same 720x576 as in regular PAL. As you can see in the pictures the height is halfed in PAL VS PAL Interlaced but still the same base resolution between the two. This way I don't get pauses when it switches from workbench to games and back again. From the pictures you posted XsamX1987 it looks normal to me if you want to show the picture how it will originally show in games if you were connected directly to RGB. You probably got this profile from me last year? It also looks like you are using a widescreen monitor? I use a 5:4 monitor, which is what I made this profile for. So if your monitor stretches the picture the aspect ratio would be a bit wrong.

BTW: If your after fullscreen games and don't mind that many games will be out of bounds because you sacrifice the overscan area then read through this thread Should be some profiles there you can download aswell If my memory serves me correctly. I prefer to stick as close as possible to how the Amiga is supposed to show games

One example of a fullscreen profile for games in this thread

Hi thanks for getting back to me and witch such in-depth description and the screenshots u have taken for me

yes I would like to keep the games looking as original as possible

I am still with the profile you sent me, yes I have upgrades, my monitor, I'm now using a Ben Q FP222W A 22inch

here are the specs if it helps the only difference is mine only has VGA

so I connect it to my amiga via a DVI to VGA cable

so yes keep the games looking original I don’t know if u have the time or how easy it would be but can you tell me the best settings to have on my config tool and the best settings for screen mods prefs and overscan?
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