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Originally Posted by ElectroBlaster View Post
What a shit-show all this was!

I think RetroManCave is a very good youtube channel. To be caught out by some prat lying is bad, but some good will come out of all this at least!

We will get to find out all the good stuff from the real chap at some point

In all this drama, I was very chuffed to learn, the real Echo (Spoonwizard) appears to live in the same town as me (Exeter). Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy which is seen as nerdy to others and members of my family lol.

I am aware that Alistair Brimble lives in or lived in Crediton, Exeter (Not 100% sure if he still does?).
All very near my neck of the woods too! Not that I ever see anyone else that’s into retro computing in real life mind
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