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Originally Posted by NorthWay View Post
Could you imagine an A4000 cpu card with a connector cable to the chipram SIMM slot on the motherboard?
I'm no expert on the 32-bit machines, but my guess would be that you would not gain that much performance by allowing faster CPU access to chipram. It (the CPU) would still have to wait for the comparably slow custom chips to complete whatever task they are given.
In order to see a real performance boost, you would probably need to re-create your own faster versions of the custom chips, in a FPGA for instance. Because if you just overclock the existing ones, you'll run into all sorts of timing related issues (like illegal video timings etc.).
So, if you choose to go down that route (New CPU board, new custom chips, new ways of accessing the memory) you might just as well do a new Amiga model
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