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Yes, by the time I was due to upgrade, i jumped ship to the pc.
Best mate got a 1200, I still had my 1mb 500, and was looking at getting a 1200 with a 120mb hdd..
Think it was just over £500 for the amiga, and for the same sort of price I could get a 385 with monitor etc, so go a 386/40, 2mb ram and monitor, that get a 4mb upgrade and a 210mb hdd about 4 months later, then 6 months after that I got a dx2/66 motherboard and the perpetual upgrade cycle started. Still worked out loads cheaper than buying the dx2/66 at the time.
By this time the Amiga was basically dead, must of been less than 12 months from not getting a 1200 to the amigas death.
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