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Originally Posted by amiman99 View Post
I'm not sure if the A2000 ACA would be more complicated compared to A500/A1000 version. The A500 expansion slot is "95%" pin compatible with the Zorro slot. I have an expansion port adapter for A500 that you can use A2000 Zorro cards on Amiga 500.
I'm not sure which pins are missing.
The A2000 CPU slot is electrically (and pinout wise) very close to the A500 Amiga bus connector, so it is the best candidate for an ACA2000 to live in.

Also, A1000 exp port is 180deg flipped compared to A500. So, ACA500 should "theoretically" work on A1000
Let's say it sits on the other side of the computer, but not flipped. More like rotated. :-) A500 expansions plug in with their rear end facing you, but not upside down.
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