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the WB 3.1 version of HDTOOLS does not recognize drives over 4GB
What makes you think so?

always showing a weird disk size
This is the only problem. But it is only cosmetic. You can simply assume the right size if you are sure that you entered the correct values.

I tried to use the version provided with PFS3 Installation disk and the one on ClassicWB on the MyFiles folder but I can't make them recognize any drive (no drive shown).
You need to tell them where to look. By default they look at scsi.device, in UAE it might be uaehf.device.

Does anyone of you managed to make those versions to work on Winuae. I'm always getting no device even if I change scsi.device to uaehf.device.
Make sure that the device name is entered correctly and that the tooltype does not have brackets around it.

Also make sure that the harddrive is added to WinUAE properly. To access a real harddrive (not a HDF) you need to run WinUAE as administrator. Right-click the WinUAE icon and select "run as administrator".
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