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Originally Posted by Thomas Richter View Post
I afraid this would only happen if someone would sponsor or lend me a system with a CVisionPPC in it. I currently have neither a CVisionPPC, leave alone a system where I could install one.
I get it, I get it. As I replied in another thread..I'd be very willing to loan you one of mine A4000's with a CyberStorm and the CyberVisonPPC if you'd be willing to pay to send it back. But as another replied (I'm not great with names..) it would be better for someone more local.

Is ANYONE with an A4000 CyberVision or BlizzardPPC willing to help? Perhaps making a new thread to ask this very question would get some to come out of the "woodwork" in Germany or close?

Originally Posted by Zilog View Post
Try to change this setting:
A) Disable Data Chace Emulation
B) The Jit must be setting into Direct
C) Change to rom into Original UAE (FS+F0 Rom)
Data Cache is always disabled in my CyberStormPPC / 68zer060 config. If I enable it, it always shows as disabled when running.

When I have JIT enabled, it's always Indirect. I almost completely use a clone of my A4000 with CSPPC. JIT disables Data Cache.

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