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Accessing RTG + 400 MHz ARM on Warp 560

Apparently, there's a new 68060 accelerator: Warp 560, with 256 MB RAM and a 400 MHz ARM, supporting up to 1920x1080 / 60 Hz

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It would appear that it is impossible to access the 400 MHz ARM directly currently. Unfortunate.

So, how would one access the RTG then ? I'm currently using CyberGraphics.library in my 3D engine, though I really only use it to set up the video mode (and under WinUAE to convert the FrameBuffer after I draw it). Everything else is done on CPU, including drawing.

Would one have to use graphics.library ? I checked my NDK_3.9/Documentation/Autodocs and couldn't find any RTG library specifically, even though there's about ~95 files.

More specifically, I would probably only use 2 functionalities:
1. Line Drawing - to draw each scanline of the polygon - probably method Draw () ? I also see WritePixelLine8 () that could be used for this.
2. Sprites - to draw some HUD elements and some other FX into framebuffer

Is there maybe some more recent graphics.library version that would be able to fill whole polygon via single library call ? I couldn't find anything in my version, but perhaps I missed it.

That might be actually pretty fast on a 400 MHz ARM, if I submitted 3 points (for a triangle) or 4 points (for a quad) and the ARM would fill it, without having to do a scanline traversal on main CPU !

Now, I'm still busy working on the game, so this is more like a hypothetical future exercise. Just wanted to figure out how one would go about it, out of curiosity.
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