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Originally Posted by NovaCoder View Post
I'm not sure why Full Throttle is so slow in the fight scenes as the rest of the game runs at a good speed. I don't think this is a problem with the Amiga code, I think it's an issue with ScummVM itself.
Running the latest ScummVM AGA for 030 (1.2.1) here with CMQ030.
I have an ACA1230/28. (I know, it's not fast enough, but I will run it anyway!) ;-)
I think it gets a bit farther in the first fight sequence, but it's still terribly bad. :-)
The point-click-walk part is more than usable tho...
Videos are choppy, but they are watchable..

Having fun poking with it still.. ;-)

The bad part about the fight scenes if it's a ScummVM issue is that they won't care.. So it's slower.. Most of the ScummVM users are running multicore Ghz CPUs and won't notice.. Oh well.. ;-)
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