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Best way to move files to my A1200's CF card?


I've just installed my CF card and ACA into my A1200 and now have the big problem of moving the killergorilla WHDload packs onto the CF card. The CF card reader on my PC is playing up so that's a no go. I do have an A4000 with a yet to be installed Deneb, but the CD rom is working ok...but no CF card reader.

What's the cheapest and easiest way to do this as the machine is pretty useless as it is and I've just spent £360 on the Amiga gear. I'm thinking maybe an ide splitter for the 1200 and then just connect up a hard drive with all the packs dumped on it and copy them over?

Any help at all is appreciated. I have nothing but the bare OS3.9 install on the CF card, kindly done by Amigakit when purchased.


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