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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
Why would you love USB? I never understood why anyone made a Native Amiga USB host in the first place! Let alone how people were able to sell it.
I can see what you're saying. USB sounds great, but if I really think about it, I can do almost everything with PCMCIA. Just not at the same time.
I get network OR storage. I still think USB would be nice, as thumbdrives are just so much easier to use than CF (or) cards in most PCs.
(My stupid Dell Laptop doesn't have PCMCIA, it has ExpressCard instead. Yes, I can get an adapter, but.. )

That's probably why I can't justify USB at the prices they want. It would be nice, but I can do virtually everything without it..

Originally Posted by alexh View Post
Do you not think the Indivision AGA 1200 was one of those products?
Interesting.. I think the Indivision is too expensive (for me). Not that it's not great and not worth it... But all I want is to see my Amiga output fairly sharp.
It wasn't worth $150 for me to do that...
So, I went for an s-video adapter, which I'm happy with. I also have an s-video to VGA adapter to see it on my PC monitor. All told, about $65.

I would prefer a simpler solution, but not at twice the price.

Originally Posted by alexh View Post
Lets Tax the devoted fans (again)
It's always worked before..

I also agree about the browser issue. Without an accelerator and lots of RAM, browsing is finally going to major problem with Flash and HTML5 taking over... With a fast CPU and lots of RAM, somone "could" port the open source FLASH players to kind of keep up, but who knows if that will happen. However, you could still have an active Amiga internet community. You will just be limited to Amiga-specific sites kind of... Sites that don't use newer features.

p.s. You're a 30-something? Man, I'm old..
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