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I wanted to try some new ramexpansions with M6242B (SMD SOP24). The RTC is recognized in keirf systest, but is very very slow. With workbench 1.3 it's not recognized. I've built the ramexpansion the same way as i did before with RTC62421.

Maybe M6242B needs a crystal to make it work properly? What parts must be added for M6242B RTC and with what values?

Oh btw., i can confirm the ramexpansion is working great with 74HCT00, 74HCT74 and 74HCT139. Memory used Texas Instruments 60ns ram

edit: Have soldered a crystal, C14+C15 (22pf)'s working now, even in workbench . I don't know if C13 need to be assembled ?

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