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Originally Posted by adambyw View Post
Hello guys.

I like to show you my version of gary adapter pcb. For few reasons I move jumpers to other side.
I had read the thread, and i cannot see one option. I have A500 with Rev6 PCB, and i have 1MB chips onboard, setted to 1MB chip.

I like to make trapdoor PCB witch max memory possible, and use all memory onboard. But how to set jumpers in my case? When i have 1MB onboard, there is J2 switched to down position. So there is nescesary to wire JP2 - RAS_CTL, or I have to make some diffrent wiring?
Did the board pass DRC? It seems like the ground pins of U3 and U4 are not connected. Also (my personal pet peeve ), don't intersect your groundplane too much. Now, your ground connection between the ic's and the decoupling cap is very long making the caps less effective.
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