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There are plenty of other reasons to use Windows. Just because I don't like it, doesn't mean I'm going to make my life more difficult in order to use the tools that I need to use. Gaming is just one aspect, but if you're any way serious about photography for example, Linux is out the window straight away, leaving Windows and Mac. If you want to play the occasional game *and* work on the occasional photo, that means you either put up with Windows for both, or shell out on a second, more expensive high-end machine for doing your other stuff.

There are different levels of these things, I certainly don't enjoy using Windows. But it's a tool, a means to an end, and I do want it for the versatility it offers me as a tool.

As for the original topic, it was certainly a different approach to the mobile world, and as such will have appealed to many people. I wasn't a fan myself, but I do know people who love how it worked. Personally, I always preferred my Nokia N9 to Windows, iOS and Android, and now use its continuation Sailfish as my mobile OS of choice. That's something I'd cling to, and be very sad about having to leave behind for iOS or Android.
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