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Originally Posted by ubermick View Post
I've tried ADFer - which is apparently an "updated ADF blitzer" which worked really well for getting them onto the floppy (guessing because it's not using verify?) but not a one of them written worked.
ADFer has an option for verifying the written disk against the image. If you do that and it passes, then it has been written successfully.

For reference, ADFer (and ADF-Blitzer before, and probably others) write the tracks by formatting them with the track data instead of a set pattern as per a normal format. So the format and the writing is done in the one step, making it nice and fast but also not requiring preformatting.

A good test of things would be to create or find an ADF of a system-friendly disk (e.g. Workbench), then write that to a blank disk and see if it can be read in Workbench.
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