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Floppy disk The hell of getting ADFs onto floppies...

Right, I'd be tearing my hair out at this point if I didn't shave it regularly.

I have an A1200. It's beautiful and brings a tear to my eye whenever I look at her. (sniff!) Originally, I'd wanted to get an A500 - like I had when I was a lad, to maintain the "proper" retro experience - but after much advice on here and elsewhere I went for the A1200. Lurking within is of course the standard compact flash card with ClassicWB (advsp) on there along with a plethora of games via KillerGorilla's packs. (Thanks to both he and Bloodwych!)

But in attempt to get some nostalgia going, I wanted to convert some of the games to floppy. I snagged a collection of ADF files from Planet Emu. Plopped the zip files on a FAT32 CF card and transferred 'em over via PCMCIA - left them zipped, and did the unzipping via Directory Opus onto my internal HD.

In the meantime, I had a sniff around and found a company selling packs of 50 DSDD floppies on ebay. They were used, but had been reformatted and were "guaranteed" to work. I also snagged 25 HD floppies that were still sealed, and got another few dozen old Amiga ones from a buddy. The floppies were all formatted using XCopy with verify. About 20 of them failed, and rather than repair I just binned them. (The HD ones were quick formatted first, and then formatted with verify)

Monday I began the task of writing the ADFs using classicwb's built in TSGUI. Despite the disks being formatted beforehand, about 50% of them threw errors during the write process. I was able to successfully reformat them in WB without issue. (Again, with verify). Meanwhile, the ones that did write don't work - they either fail during boot, will get to a start menu but no further, and in the one game I got to work, have graphical glitches and sound issues.

This leads me to believe my internal drive might be faulty... but wait! I also have an external Power Computing drive. Writing the ADFs to DF1 gave me a better success rate during the write process, but all the games written had the same plethora of issues - no boot, partial boot, sound/graphic errors.

Obviously both drives have been opened up and cleaned before use. (DF0 had a fair whack of dust in there, DF1 was spick and span)

So what would be the next step to remedy this? Don't really want to fling money at 30 year old drives (which may or may not work) on ebay or Amibay if it's not going to fix the issue, nor do I want to just keep amassing a pile of dodgy disks that just end up in the bin - I'm already down $150 for the cost of the external drive and the floppies I've gotten so far, and yet to have a working title to show for it. Obvious one is to abandon the floppy project and just use WHDload, but... don't want to give up just yet.
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