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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Action Replay saves can be unreliable in some situations.

Attach one example AR3 save adf (saved using most compatible quickstart mode) and I'll take a closer look.

(You did reinsert the game disk?)
Hi again Toni - apols for the delay in replying I've been doing some more testing. First of all though i have to fess-up that I stupidly didnt realise you had to reinsert the original game disk. I guess by pure luck all the PD games I've been using were small enough to allow the AR save to co-reisde on the same disk.

Anyway I can confirm that the AR compatibility does now appear to be pretty good with mainline (cracked) commercial games as well as PD. Not sure if this helps you any in dirving any further improvements but the one game that is still acting wierd though is Lotus Turbe Challenge 2. Wierdly I cna only get it to successfully do an SA (save state) when I interrupt the game from a driving screen. Trying to do an SA from any of the static screens (hi-score, config screen etc) results in the emualtion hanging (HALT 2) when the AR has compelted its analysis & just before it should write to disk.

Hope that helps & thanks for the (obvious) tip.
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