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Action Replay issues

Hi all would appreciate some guidance on an issue I'm encountering trying to use Action Replay to save/load A500 games where either the game or WinUAE can't save hi-scores to disk. Yes I'm aware of the WinUAE Save / Load States but I prefer to use Action Replay for this so I am matching as closely as possible a real Amiga experience.

The issue I'm getting is I do an SA to save the current game state under Action Replay III Rom V3.17 to a standard adf file. I then do an LA to load it in a later session. Whilst it initially appears to load ok & work to start with using the same graphics screen as saved whenever I move onto the next screen (to start another game for example) I get totally corrupt graphics (like a tv screen with no aerial) & then WinUAE gurus.

It DOES work with a range of PD games - EG Crazy Sue, Amoeba Invaders, & Girl Actions, but when I try commercial stuff (albeit they are cracks) it consistently fails. Examples include New Zealand Story, Rick Dangerous, & Battle Squadron.

I'm running WinUAE 4.1.0 32 bit under the latest Windows 10 release. I usually use my own custom config file but since I encountered the issue I have been testing this with the standard WinUAE Quickstart A500 (the one labelled most common) config to ensure I rule-out a config issue.

Toni - in your 4.1.0 release notes you suggest 'improved' Action Replay compatability - which suggests maybe there are still problems getting it to work under emulation - is there anything you are aware of that could help me here please?

Also if anoyone else uses AR under WinUAE & isnt getting these issues or knows of the problem I would appreciate any guidance.

Once again just to say - yes I know I can use WinUAE Save States - but would really like to use AR if poss.

As ever thanks to everyone for any help & guidance offered.

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