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There is chance 4.2 becomes quicker and smaller update.

Beta 2:

- Adjusted CDTV CD drive read/play startup delays. Fixes Town without no name speech audiotrack play stopping too early.
- Window resizing keeps current window aspect ratio if left or right CTRL is pressed when resize operation starts.
- Separated Filter panel internal texture size multiplier to vertical ands horizontal. Vertical "-" = same as horizontal.
- Magic mouse mode and some other Windows program is active and mouse gets moved over WinUAE window: don't activate window automatically. It can cause side-effect where other program is still getting keyboard input.
- Simply uaegfx overlay rendering optimization, if both RTG and overlay bitmap does not change during frame: don't force full redraw.
- Fixed AGA HAM graphics corruption if same scan line had BPLCON4 non-zero, border sprites enabled and at least one sprite visible in left border and HAM bitplane active.
- Added global memwatch l option, enables invalid access logger:
-- Custom registers: unaligned, byte (except $dff002 and $dff006), mirror addresses and non-existing registers.
-- Custom registers: detect if any unused bit is written as one to registers like BPLCONx.
-- Custom registers: detect if any DMA pointer write access sets invalid address (outside of chip ram address space)
-- Detect if any chipset DMA tries to access non-chip RAM memory (checked before address is masked with size of chip ram).
-- CIA registers: detect invalid accesses, word accesses, unused register 11, mirror CIA address.
-- Anything else needed?
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