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Originally Posted by NovaCoder View Post
Good news, Oliver A has kindly offered to add Indivision ECS support so all you non-AGA user's will be able to join the party (obviously you'll still need an 030 and some FASTRAM though).

I've also got an RTG port that should be ready to go soon, so everyone's covered
While it's true that I'm going to add Indivision GFX support to this port, it's not true that all non-AGA users can join the party, since it will only work on Indivision ECS flickerfixers. With Indivision GFX support, you can play ScummVM in 256 colours on ECS on a native, chunky Indivision GFX screen. For a true ECS port, you would have to remap the palette to 32 or 64 colour EHB mode.
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