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Originally Posted by clebin View Post
Genuine question - wouldn't you find it easier to use DPaint or PPaint under emulation? Low-colour pixel art is exactly what they're designed for and they're matchless at it IMO.
Well, in fact I do use DPaint & PPaint specifically under emulation and on my real Amiga. But I find Photoshop much more handy for the bulk of my pixel art work: being able to open multiple files, easy to grab and move around gfx from a file to another, being able to use layers, duplicate, combine & move stuff with a single click, easier to work with different file sizes and resolutions, tons of tools you can use, more versatile animation functionality e.t.c. Also Photoshop has a much more powerful and percise toolset for color reduction and converting images in case you want to go the 24bit way (which is extra handy for very specific tasks that would be either impossible or very difficult to pull off with traditional paint programs).

Having said that DPaint and the likes still remain great programs which can be useful even with todays standards but -seriously- there are not many things you can do with them that you cannot do (easier) with more modern applications. Exceptions to this general rule are:
- The dual screen zoom function (very handy for pixel art)
- Ability to save natively to ilbm formats
- Using native AGA and ECS color palettes (so if you work outside the Amiga os you need to watch out the colors you are using cause results may differ - though this is not an issue once you've settled with your palette)
- Ability to cycle colors for anims (as far as I know ONLY with Amiga paint programs you can do this currently though it's not something your everyday pixel artist will use). Btw here's an awesome speech at GDC about this [ Show youtube player ]

Anyway, sorry for the off topic -> back to prices & AAA titles talk
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