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Originally Posted by midwan View Post
I tried contacting them over Twitter a couple of months back regarding the same matter.
Initially they recommended I send in a request using their Feedback form on their website. I notified other people to do the same.

Some time later, a correspondent reached out to me. He mentioned that "they are still selling the product and could not open source it", which struck me as strange. When I proceeded to clarify, mentioning that the Amiga version is not for sale for several years now (but if it was, I'd gladly buy it), he went silent...
I am afraid, sofar this is exactly what happened to me...
The support guy did not understand what I was on about and thought I only talked about the documentation...

I am not sure if we should start an online petition, or just buy billboards around their HQ... ("Guess what, we want to buy your product, but can't...!")

We need to find somebody that can bypass and go straight to the boss...

I've got Jens (from Indivision) involved, but no news yet on any progress...
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