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AmigaOS and AFAOS guide and suggestions

In recent times I have tried to make AmigaOS 4.1.1 work better.
I believe I have achieved everything I had set myself.
Thanks to the help and suggestions of many people. Thanks again!

I open this thread to start using the latest version of winUAE 4
The system that I will use will be AFAOS in its basic version and then proceed in the various game configurations and various applications.
There are many guides and videos on Youtube and also posts dedicated to the purpose.

But after a long time, thanks to the work of Toni, I have in my hands the most powerful amiga you can have.
A few years ago "AmigaSystem" introduced me to AFAOS I did not believe in my eyes when I started using it.
Having had a real amiga a long time ago, I finally got my hands on AmigaOS :-)

I hope this thread is useful for those who approach AmigaOS or those who already use it.
So any advice or improvement and always appreciated by me, because there is always something to learn :-)

A special thank you goes to Toni for your patience for my many questions
and for his great work, thanks to you I can use again amiga :-)

Ad AmigaSystem for introducing me to AFAOS :-)

And many thanks to Bernd Roesch for AFAOS :-)

This is just a base trying to avoid any initial blocks for those who start using it.
And then make all the changes you need.

Here there are many experienced people the purpose is to get the most out of AFAOS.

I hope the post is useful, if it's not a good idea I apologize, delete the post. Thank you

I will start with a basic installation to get this, I hope it will be useful

here the link:
[ Show youtube player ]
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