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Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
No I mean use Button 3 pin as OUTPUT from the Amiga, this is actually possible and all buttons will be usable together. Megadrive pad works this way but with Button 3 and +5V pins swapped. A simple adapter (with protection diodes, very important) should allow all MD pad buttons to be usable without modifying the pad.
The protection diodes are vital if you're going to use the pad with a C64, but aren't necessary on the Amiga.

It always seemed like a missed opportunity to me that the Megadrive pads didn't multiplex the direction lines as well as the two button lines. (Six button pads *did* multiplex the direction lines, but only after a "magic knock".) It also seemed odd to me that the CD32 pad used a shift register rather than simple multiplexing.
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