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Originally Posted by mc6809e View Post
You'll need to have the copper enter the list at a variable point, with each scanline having at least a move and a wait for the end of the line. The last instruction of the list should include the BPLxPT moves and a strobe to the top of the list.
Hmm... that's a nice idea. I could write COPLC and then use COPJMP to jump into the list at variable points?
But as far as I understand, I still have to rewrite the VPOS-part of all the WAIT-instructions when scrolling vertically? The copper background should scroll vertically at half of the real scrolling speed.

By waiting for the end of the line between instructions, you can avoid special waits like the wait for line $100.
Yes, that would work!

But now I decided that I no longer want to change the color in each line (see above).
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