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Anyone interested in a new GB1000 run?

Please read this whole post before PMing me or Kipper2k:

We now have permission from Geog Braun to manufacture some of his GBA1000 boards (Version 4)

This board will allow the indivision ECS flickerfixer to function among its many new features and bug fixes.

This board is a drop in replacement for the AMIGA 1000 motherboard and upgrades it with:

A 030 40 or 50mhz processor
2 MB Chip Ram
8 MB Fast Ram
IDE Controller
Zorro II slot
ROM/EPROM slot for your own kickstart images

You are purchasing a blank PCB such as this one (image borrowed from illuwatar - another genius)

Kipper2k has managed to get a better quote than I have managed plus shipping is cheaper from Asia to the U.S than the UK.

What to pay and when
The initial outlay would be approx $46 per board with an aim to order at the end of February. Once they have arrived a final invoice would be presented for shipment to your country. We are aiming for a minimum of 30 boards (we now have over 90...). Monies will be collected March 7th.

Where do I get the components to populate the board?
Kipper has started a thread to help find the required parts collectively amongst the board builders:

No component is rare enough to cause us major issues. It will cost you between $150-$200 to make each board depending on how resourceful you are. You may achieve it for less.

So please state if you're interested.

Pre Order List:

Paid list is here:

Update * Now everyone has seen the shipping options payment will be taken from March 3rd through to the 11th. You will pay $46 Canadian per board to kipper2k via paypal gift or plus $2 for standard protected whose address will be supplied. After the 11th of March no further pre orders will be available.

Paypal address will be supplied by the 3rd of March. When you do so, in the paypal info you need to include the username and the site you ordered from . Payment for shipping will be taken once the boards have arrived and you have decided how you want it shipped.*

To pay send Canadian $46 per board to kipper2k (insert the at @ sign around about here) with the above info.

My original text is below:

The original run was a great success back in 2009ish. I've been after a board for ages but they are rare and I'm itching to do a new project.

I've been following the latest development of the board which is great but it won't be released, probably because of the authors feelings with regards to his work hitting Aminet.

I'm just interested to know if there is interest in doing a production run if I can get the time to organise this. (I serve in the RAF so my free time can fluctuate somewhat). I need to get hold of the eagle file and get some quotes but with 30 or more people it should come in under $100 US.

Yes I'm new here. I have had AMIGAs since 1992 but haven't contributed to the community in 10 years as I felt it was too obsessed with these PowerPC Amiga Ones etc. I'm glad there are so many people interested in the original Amiga hardware where we can carry on living those better times rather than throwing money at dead end PPC only machines (although Morphs OS is awesome).

My background is in electronic communications / ICT.

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