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Amiga 4000 Sound Distorted and low

Hi All.
I have an Amiga 4000 with low and distorted audio.
Last week the U198 Regulator blows ... i have changed the U198 (7905) and I decided to change all the capacitors.
Them problem now is that sounds distorted and low ... i have to put my Amplifier on max to listening audio on amiga... I have changed to another amplifier and that´s the same.
My problem now it´s the +12v.
The power supply gives me the +11.68v
External Floppy pin 23 +10.99v
Video port pin 22 +10.99v
Cable power to drives +11.68v
U402 (LM833) and U403 (LF347M) don´t have any +12v ... only have -12v

Help me....

Best Regards
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