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Uridium 2

The rip at UnExotica is incomplete and has been so for a long time now. Following a discussion I had a few years ago XtC, he mentioned that Don Adan had it on his long "to-do" list. Three years later and there's still no sign. With this in mind is there anyone around here who can finally complete this music rip? This game has an excellent soundtrack, which is very much deserving of a complete rip.

The missing tunes can be witnessed in the longplay that's on youtube:

[ Show youtube player ]

Here are the points in the longplay video where the missing tunes appear:

5:23 - core theme
6:32 - in-game theme
7:56 - in-game theme
10:26 - in-game theme
12:32 - core theme
13:34 - in-game theme
30:54 - core theme
31:58 - in-game theme
44:40 - in-game theme
1:00:23 - in-game theme

And here are some other reference points where they can be heard again:


There might also be a couple of tiny jingles missing too (such as when you lose all your lives). This will need double-checking though.

Does anyone fancy having a crack at doing this?
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