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This evening, when I resumed my investigation into the discrepancies between those bytes in the headers of the 'valid' and 'invalid' DiskSqueeze archives, I found that I could actually extract the 'invalid' archives without making any changes to them!

I had intended to find out for sure which bytes were preventing the 'invalid' archives from even being recognized, but when I retested the first archive before making any changes to it, it tested OK, and so did all the others!

I can only guess that using the program yesterday to generate fresh archives somehow completed the installation process and got the decompression routines working properly.

Originally Posted by exoticaga View Post
Check out these instead. since many have problems with them also.

Collection > Coverdisk > Amiga User International > AUI Disks (Disk Squeeze Compressed)
Well, now that I have got the DiskSqueeze program functioning properly, I am in a position to check and unpack other DiskSqueeze archives on the EAB File Server.

@TCD: Are there any others which need looking at?
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