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Have you tried transferring the files on an MS-DOS formatted disk? and bypassing the need for the CF Card?
Actually no. That's a gooda idea Just to make sure: Originally I've transferred the files using the cf-hd as a "real" amiga hd in winuae. I only used the cf-card (pcmcia) for trying out the disk.1 you kindly uploaded

I could start the testing by using the "vanilla OS3.1" (on the other cf-hd) and copying the disk.1 in/via Winuae. This way the cf/pcmcia wouldn't have anything to do with the files.

I'll also try (once more) with the Apollo 1230 mk3 and the same 32MB simm tosee, if it works in a different way. I just have to make sure, if there's anything wrong with the MB1230XA (I certainly hope not)

Thank yoiu everyone and especially Galahad for your kind advice

I'll report tomorrow
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