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Yes, your conclusion sounds very sensible Few things:

i'm not au fait with the CF side of things, but are you sure the max transfer rates for hard drive and CF are spot on?
I have a cf-hd and another cf-card "via" pcmcia reader for transferring files between pc/amiga. I checked the maxtransfer value of the cf-hd and it was 1xfe00 (which is the value basically everyone suggests). But then again I read that you really don't know what's the exactly correct value for each cf-hd.

The fat16 formatted cf-card: should I set the maxtransfer for that too? How is it possible?
Are you 100% sure your CF card is 100% working properly?
I'm really not sure Is there any really reliable way to test the card? I have tested with 2 different cf-cards (Sandisk 2GB and Kingston 4GB). The promlems are the same (even the error codes).
this is a total stab in the dark, (without reading everything in the thread) but should the Apollo 1230 mk3 need the MMU tooltype enabled?

I know i had some very strange errors on my A1200 when i reinstalled my system and forgot to add that, even in situations where it seemed like there was no need for it, or that the error given by WHDload was completely unrelated.
Actually I'm unning the MB1230XA at the moment, but they both have 68030, so I guess your advice applies to the MB1239Xa also, right?

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