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You're probably best off speaking to WEPL about this, this looks to me to be an error within WHDLoad itself, but this is more than likely caused by your hardware.

Its not my slave because the register file you gave me tells me that the error occurs within the RESLOAD function of WHDLoad and not within the slave itself.

I don't know what $4010 error code signifies, but obviously WEPL should know.
I've reported this via the Mantis I really hope, wepl can shed some light on this matter, because nothing that has helped others helps me I'm really curious about the reason fot this. I'll try to install OS3.1 from the original floppies to the other cf-card and see if it makes any difference. I really can't believe all my accelerators/mobos are busted especially when the memtests are ok.

Thank you Galahad for your help
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