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Originally Posted by bLAZER View Post
Your facts are not accurate though:

Delplayer plays 230 formats. My program plays 51. Thats 22%

Deliplayer doesn't play a lot of the formats my program can.

Deliplayer has ceased to develope (and doesn't work well in Vista for example)

My program is far from finished.

Winamp is bloat.

For example, why is there about one gazillion text editors?
I just threw out a number there as the amount of formats you can play is low compared to deliplayer.

I have Vista and deliplayer works fine.

I think deliplayer supports all formats your player can play.

Deliplayer not being in development doesn't make it a reason why people shouldnt use it, it currently is the best player imo.

If people have problems with it is probably because they have a messed up system.

Till your program is finished or matches the superiority of deliplayer, don't diss it.

There's alot of text editors cause they are easy to make, very easy... and most of them trying to have something new and improved other don't have... that's why.... yours brobably doesn't have anything new so far... but you have to begin somewhere I guess.

WinAMP owns, many people only think it can play mp3s lol, and I use the 275 version which is super old as latest is too big, slow and lame... 275 ftw!...

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