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Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT View Post
A couple of salient points here:

1). This thread is off to a bad start the instant it aired out in public a grievance that could have been kept private until resolved.

2). This thread then opted to highlight that grievance with the thumbs down icon just to highlight the issue further

3). It is quite easy if you can't figure out how to contact a mod, to have put a much less divisive thread baiting topic/content by simply making a thread saying "Can a moderator please contact me by PM to discuss something."
That, would have been the logical and RESPECTFUL thing to do, (whilst we're talking about respect).

4). The presumption that discussions/problems on another Amiga board need this kind of "intervention" is odd. People on this board don't go wading into problems on other boards and get involved.

5). Richard HAS to accept criticism, the good and the bad. I get bad criticism often, its water off a ducks back to me. So long as its constructed with the fair intention to tell me something, i'm all good with that. If its rude criticism, they get a cheery "fuck off" from me, and anyone reading it would usually agree with that sentiment.

6). Richard isn't the only one that has to accept criticism, anyone on this board should be expected to receive it, same rule applies, if its done in the spirit of bringing attention to something with a view to a resolution, then everyone wins.

7). This thread with its skewed setup, was NEVER going to achieve a harmonious resolution, in fact, its kinda just extended a thread that was closed.

So, the takeaway from all of this is thus:

People on here accept that Richard and anyone else can charge whatever the hell they like for a boxed version of their games, the relative expense of putting the package together kinda demands it.

People on here have also expressed their opinions and pointed out that the digital download price varies quite considerably in comparison to the boxed version, and they would be happy to contribute/buy a digital version that they felt was competitively priced against other digital downloads.

Richard doesn't need to accept that, and again, can charge what he likes for the digital download of his games, but the fact is, the market will ultimately decide, not Richard.

Discussions can sometimes get robust and forthright, we're adults, we take on board the criticism or we take our ball in and don't play anymore.

I think this thread needs to be locked, its continuing a subject EVERYONE has spoken up on, Richard now knows peoples opinions on digital download pricing, its up to him if he wants to do anything about it

Peace, and love and all that fluffy stuff, but can this subject just retire now?
Thank you for your wise words. May I add these comments:
  • A wise developer will never decide about pricing on his own. He will discuss such topics with all involved parties and especially the community. This is true for my games too. This may be of interest for future discussions.

  • All EAB members should stick to EAB rules, and never should they troll games or individuals.

  • Mods should stick to the original meaning of the verb "moderate", which is the rejection of radical or extreme views.
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