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Originally Posted by 005AGIMA View Post
Using an A1200 or 4000 (the latter being cost prohibitive then AND now) may actually be realistic, given both these and a 386DX were 32 Bit bus I believe? (DX not SX)
The 68020 and 68030 (which are very similar to each other in performance, the 030 slightly better mostly due to added data cache) were actually noticeably faster than earlier 386DX systems.

However one of the main reasons for this was that the 386DX had no L1 cache on-chip, but it *DID* have lines to support an external L1 cache. Over time 386 motherboards were released with more and more local cache up to 256k, which pushed the 386's performance ahead, whereas every single Amiga 68020/030 card was limited to the faster-but-tiny onboard 256-byte L1 caches. Later 3rd-party 386 clones from folks like AMD added on-chip L1 caches and these were quite fast.
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